Accumulate Wealth

Employee Benefits

We know that provision of a quality benefits package enables employers to reward staff in a tax-efficient way and assists with recruitment and retention. Properly structured and implemented, benefits add value to the bottom line. Poorly communicated, they are simply an additional cost.

Whether you are a large corporate, a charity or a small to medium enterprise, our aim is to demystify regulation and complexity, enhancing the value of your benefits whilst simplifying benefit structures.

Accumulate Wealth Management’s proposition;

  • Ensuring employers fully appreciate the benefits they are providing, and the responsibilities that come with certain benefits.
  • Ensuring employers see the value in providing benefits to employees and ensuring the benefits are both competitive in the marketplace and competitively priced.
  • Ensuring employees understand and appreciate the true value of the benefits they are provided with.
  • Providing advice to employees where appropriate to assist them in selecting benefits.

Pension Schemes

At the heart of most employee benefit packages is a Group Pension arrangement, usually a money purchase type scheme.  Accumulate Wealth Management can provide expert advice on:

  • Scheme design and implementation.
  • Existing scheme review, governance and due diligence.
  • Compliance with new legislation e.g. “Auto-Enrolment”.
  • Employee presentations.
  • Member “surgery” sessions, face to face at Employer sites.

“Extended range benefits”

Accumulate Wealth Management can provide independent advice, from the “whole of market” insurance companies and providers ensuring the best return is obtained from Employer spend on the following products:

  • Death In Service provision
  • Private Medical Cover
  • Long term disability cover


Many pension scheme members are in a Group Personal pension or other defined contribution scheme. At retirement many scheme members will purchase an annuity – a guaranteed income for life – when they retire. Our experience it that most scheme members will be better off, for the rest of their life, buying that annuity from a different company to the one that has invested their money up until that date.

Employers often spend a great deal of time and effort into the selection of a pension provider to whom contributions will be entrusted. But the communication exercise and explanation of the options at the opposite end is every bit as important. After all, the point of a pension scheme is to provide a pension, ( income) in retirement.

The Open Market Option is an enormously valuable weapon in the benefits armoury and the vast majority of employees will be able to exercise it, yet most do not. Those who do not are potentially missing out on a significant uplift to their retirement income of 40% or more – per year, for the rest of their life.  Furthermore factors such as poor health can result in enhanced income, yet this is often overlooked by many.

Accumulate Wealth Management is able to search the market to ensure your scheme members receive the best possible income for the size of their fund. Every £ we add to the pension is an extra £ for the rest of their life.